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(To see a new pic hit refresh) is the place where all ravers can be united nationwide. It is a page that will cover the scene in its entirety . Anything you can think of having to do with the scene will be here. No more having to go from page to page in search of up-to-date information on parties in your area or having to jump around to separate places to find separate topics having to do with the scene. Not only that, but you'll also be able to meet people locally as well as nationwide through this page. Be sure to bookmark our site as we are unraveling different sections.

Site creator, Anjel Douglas, shares a few words about her experiences creating the site , her involvement with the scene and the future of Ravers Unity. Just some thoughts from the mind that she would like you to read.

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This site thrives on interaction with other members in the scene... and its the main thing we strongly encourage... so on that note we want all of our members to interact with each other... How you ask... well for one by chatting with each other in our members chat room... and for two by using our message board... so go on... what are you waiting for??? Interact!

Straight from the charm city of Baltimore DJDevon3 is an awesome dj with out-of-hand talent. Now residing in Florida he really has shown what hes all about... Be sure and check him out.

Check Out Devon3

Our first contest... for our first visitors... be sure and enter this contest as its running for 1 day only... we have 2 Animatrix prize packs for 2 lucky people... and you know what they say... you can't win if you don't play.


Seeing that we are growing rapidly we are currently looking for other people to join our staff and help out with the site... You DON'T have to know anything about web sites to help us out. We currently need people to do many things such as helping collect party information, taking pictures of parties where your located at, finding new news and articles related to the scene, giving us any ideas you think may benefit us, and many other things.

Email for more info on what you can do to help us better the scene.

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